There are so many things to think about when heading to Antarctica, because it isn’t your usual holiday destination. It really does require a little bit of extra thought, but hopefully this article will help you to figure out all the little things you may have been unsure of. So read on to find out more.



What to pack

Deciding what to pack for Antarctica can be a difficult choice and once you are on the Drake Passage to Antarctica it is very easy to . If this becomes a problem for you you can simply ask your tour operator for their recommended packing list. Some essential things are of course sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a waterproof backpack, waterproof shoes, a waterproof jacket, a camera, spare batteries and memory cards.



Imagine having some kind of emergency in Antarctica, well it isn’t as simple as having one in Europe or America. Therefore it is a good idea to speak to your tour operator about what kind of evacuation insurance is included in the costs of the tour. In an emergency an emergency evacuation can cost up to $30,000 US per person! You do not want your holiday to be an expensive nightmare. If your tour operator does not offer it, it is important to do your research and get the insurance that will safely cover your trip.


Decide what you want to see

Going to your ideal holiday destination is always something that you need to get right and this is especially the case with Antarctica. This is particularly the case when it comes to whale watching and seeing penguins. Penguins have their mating season in November and December and it is possible to see the newborn chicks in January. For whale watching it is best in February and March. Therefore you can plan your visit to suit what you want to see the most.


Bring binoculars

Everyone always thinks about bringing a camera when it comes to Antarctica and this is of course important, but bringing your own pair of binoculars can really help you to enhance your viewing experience. You can see things from further away and see things that you can’t get close to. The best example of this is for whale, bird or seal watching.


Get a health check

Of course it is not usual that you get your health checked before a holiday, but Antarctica is of course the rare exception to this rule. It is really important to be healthy before you go, not only so that you can enjoy the trip, but in the event that something goes wrong. Remember that is is one of the most remote places on earth and seeking medical attention can be extremely difficult, if not impossible.


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