Art and the migrant…

The phenomenon of MIGRATION – whether in the form of voluntary or forced emigration or immigration on a massive scale, meaning birthplaces left behind in search of a new home, the mass movement of people generated by an escape from crisis-struck areas, or the hope of a better Life – is one of the most influential social phenomena of our times – making a strong impact on every citizen of the world. Either directly or indirectly. MIGRATION is, understandably then, one of the leading topics and inspirations in the sensitive milieu of art, which is processed and reflected through the very personal works of individual artists, while in the global Language of contemporary art.

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ART MARKET BUDAPEST will focus particular attention on the topic of MIGRATION in 2013, creating a special programme designed to present how visual artists in the 21st century relate to and reflect upon this influential social power that reshapes the fate of individuals and whole societies.

ART MARKET BUDAPEST wilt present a special art exhibition, a selection of artworks originating from the wide regions represented by the fair’s exhibitors and professional partners – predominantly concentrating on artists presented by the exhibiting galleries – entitled "La Grande Migration", a name taken from a work by a young Eastern European artist. The participating artists either reflect on their direct experiences, or observe the phenomenon and the impact of MIGRATION from a symbolic, or rather philosophical aspect.

In the ART MARKET BUDAPEST programme on MIGRATION, the uniquely thought-provoking curated exhibition will be complemented by talks with international professionals, performances and shows by musicians, designers and other artists, and naturally, artworks featured at the exhibiting galleries’ booths, thus creating a broader context to present a wide range of artistic reflections upon the phenomenon of MIGRATION.

The artistic director of the programme "La Grande Migration" is Delia Vékony, art historian, curator, and lecturer at the Department of Art Management, International Business School, Budapest.

— – ART MARKET BUDAPEST INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR: November 28 – December 1, 2013; Millenáris Center, Budapest, Hungary – +36.1.2390007,,,

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