As most backpackers know, Europe is one of the hottest destinations for traveling and experiencing a multitude of cultures. It’s a great spot if you want to see lots of different places but not totally break your bank. You can easily hop on cheap flights between countries and buses and trains are relatively inexpensive as well. So if you want to find the places in Europe where your money will stretch the farthest, check out these cool cities:

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest’s history, art, food and rich culture make it a fascinating city to visit. It’s more off the beaten track than cities like Paris or Rome, making it a very interesting destination as well as much cheaper. One of the best things to do here is indulge in a Turkish bath. And while you’re here, you should check out the rest of Hungary too!


Prague, Czech Republic

Want to feel like you’ve stepped off the plane into a fairy tale land? Just pack your Mossman trunks and catch the next flight to Prague. Here you’ll experience the magical castles, stunning architecture and old-world feel of this Central European city. It’s a fascinating contrast between old and new, with tons of activities and sights. It’s especially fun to go around Christmastime when their Christmas markets are in full swing and the whole city buzzes with holiday markets and cheer.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a gorgeous port city sitting on 7 hills overlooking the water, so you’ll enjoy incredible views during both the day and night. It’s a great way to experience Spanish culture without paying the prices of bigger cities like Barcelona or Madrid. And it’s a great place to find cheap accommodation because the hostels compete to keep prices down!

Berlin, Germany

There’s hardly a better city than Berlin to experience the vibrant, buzzing energy of a thriving cosmopolitan city without a huge price tag. There’s a great free walking tour to introduce you to all of the city’s most famous historic sights. Cheap bars and hostels line the streets, as well as a young backpacking community. If you’re into art and music, you’ll love Berlin as it has a thriving scene for those interests.

Istanbul, Turkey

While it used to be much cheaper, Istanbul is still a budget-friendly place to add to your European itinerary. There are so many historic sights to see here that you’ll want to dedicate at least half a week to this city. Enjoy the colorful, chaotic markets, vibrant culture and flavorful food as you explore the nooks and crannies of Istanbul. Take a boat trip up the Danube and head over to the Asian side of Turkey to feel the contrast between the cultures.

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