Belly dancers and fire jugglers and DJs! Oh my!

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Cinetrip has the perfect recuperative treatment in mind for all of you who may or may not have overdone their New Year’s debauch. The Gellért Bath will be the the stage for a myriad variety of spectacles and a panoply of polyphonics pleasures. There will be no drinking, food or drugs in the baths, according to the rules.

This means your risk of renewing that headpounding shine from the passing of the year into oblivion is rather slim. You won’t miss it. There will be laser shows, acrobats, and some tricky visuals from the resident video team, Skylab. VJs and DJs will vie for attention-span dominance in this gushing, splashing, orgasmic blast of multimedia goo. If you have never been, then this is the time to go, and the place could not be better.

Cinetrip has brought acts to Hungary ranging from the Chemical Brothers to the Herbaliser. Who will it be this time? They are not saying yet, but keep an eye on their web site for more details. It is an old Hungarian belief that the manner in which you act on New Year’s Day will define the way you are for the rest of the year.

Go out, get happy, be surprised and float, splash and play your way through the evening at Cinetrip’s latest water circus, and we at Think will almost guarantee a good year to be you. Then again, you could sit home and never rally from your drunken rampage on New Year’s Eve, and yet still manage to squeak out a kickass year. But admit it: floating around in a bathing suit in the baths in the middle of winter seems like far more fun, no?

— Gellért Bath, XI. Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4-6.,

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