In Budapest, one sees the lush feminine curves of Buda connected by the lights of the chain bridge to the strong masculine skyline of Pest.

You can see the changes from the elegant Austro-Hungarian Empire, to bland Communism, to the eclectic modern movements, and still all combined create a majestic place of culture. There is nothing that represents this unique blend of history more than the expansive variety of food offered in Budapest.

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People around the world have different tastes and different qualities they look for in dinning. Since we all have different tastes it is very important to stop and consider, "what is the typical cuisine in the new city you have just stepped off the bus in?" To the real question; what is Hungarian food?

The best example of real Hungarian food can be found at this cute little lunch place called Kádár Étkezde. Just across from, the little Klauzál Ter Park is the perfect place for lunch with your close friends, or enjoy a late breakfast with a special someone after a long night. This adorable lunch restaurant is one of a dying breed with its small tables and bottle of seltzer water on each table. The food is made fresh every day. If a dish runs out, well, you are out of luck, so get there early if you can. To begin with, sharing time, just sitting down with your friends, is a nice way to start your day, but as you walk in you get a comfortable feeling, like going to your grandparent’s house for a good home cooked meal.

The menu consists of some of the most classic Hungarian foods known today. While there I enjoyed a typical cabbage stew with warm bread. The stew tasted like I had gone back to a time with no worries, just a rich creamy soup to satisfy the hunger of life. One of my friends enjoyed a terrific beef gulyas, with the traditional broth that brings warmth and comfort to even the toughest of days. The other devoured roasted pork with potatoes, the pork so tender that it melts in your mouth, and the potatoes roasted to perfection.

All of these dishes reflect the traditional Hungarian foods for they include meat, powdered paprika, root vegetables, cabbage, and lots of cream. For beverages they have the best seltzer water on the tables in spray bottles. One piece of advice: females beware, unless you intend to impress someone, don’t wear white because one strong squeeze and you will get drenched from head to foot. One might think this is hilarious, until it happens to you. Think about it! In the end you will leave with an unforgettable story that can be told for years and years to come.

At the end of the meal we were able to try the dessert of the day. Every day they have a different pastry or dessert that is every bit as tasty as the main meals, all made fresh to create an overpowering aroma and flavour that will put you in a food comma. Over all Kádár Étterem is a good place to first experience to Hungarian food. The wait staff is very friendly and makes the whole experience all the more welcoming for you and your friends. As a good friend of mine says, "No one should ever have to eat alone!" So grab some friends or a loved one and go explore Budapest one morsel of food at a time.

Kádár Étkezde – 1072 Budapest, Klauzál Tér 9. open Tuesday to Saturday 11:30-15:30

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