We all know that Hungary is not recognized as one of the most fashionable countries in the world.

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Trends here come and go like the wind, and whether it’s a hurricane of colors and fabrics or just a small breeze, the industry of fashion has had a very privileged spot in european lives for centuries.

It’s no wonder that big fashion geniuses like Stella McCartney, Coco Chanel and Gianni Versace (just to mention a few), were born in this great land. Countries like France, England and Italy give a lot of support to the couture world and embrace all the beautiful ideas that make possible the creation of amazing garments and trends.

Sadly for some other countries (like Hungary) fashion is not an important matter in society. It’s a subject that is lost, and no one here seems to care anymore about it. That’s why this article is going to be dedicated to all those amazing Hungarian fashion designers that want to change this way of thinking and make this nation a more likable one when it comes to fashion. After a lot of searching, I have come to realized that there are some good Hungarian designers out there with innovative ideas.

Here’s an overview of some of the most talented fashion designers from this nation:

From left to right, above;
MAKÁNY MÁRTA: (Top, left) This amazing designer really captures my attention with her outstanding collection. The variety of fabrics and textures that she uses to play with her gowns are completely stunning. Chic and creative, this diva of the runway knows how to speak in fabric, and her work leaves us speechless. Her 2011 collection integrates not only a variety of different colors but lines and patterns that result in fun creations every woman can wear. The nicest thing about this designer is that her clothes are so versatile that you are never bored. You can find it all, from strapless dresses with ruffles to highwaisted, flowing gowns. Her concept for making clothes is to embrace that inner beauty that every woman has and translate it into beautiful clothes that make them feel utterly unstoppable.


ABODI NAGY DORA: (Top, middle) Innovative and minimalist are the best words to describe the clothes that this talented designer creates. Definitely a master in the art of deconstruction, all her pieces give you the vibe of being a fascinating. As if we were talking about a puzzle, her clothes are perfectly cut and well put together, creating interesting and very fluid shapes that give you a vibe of distinction. In her Spring/Summer collection for 2011, she used a lot of nude colors and played with the proportion of the different pieces to create new and interesting shapes in women’s bodies. The corsets she created for this collection are especially well-made and give us that Madonna vibe from the 90’s. Wearable and chic, her pieces are perfect for any beautiful and free woman.


CSEH ÉVA: (Top, right) Sophisticated and with a fashion-forward sense, the type of clothes she creates are very futuristic. With clean lines and bold looks, her garments create elongated and slender figures that are very fashionable nowadays. High waists and empire silhouettes are the most common shapes that she uses to embrace that symmetric but feminine look that all her pieces own. Tunics are also important pieces in her collection. with asymmetric and minimalistic cuts, they transmit us a feeling of purity and perfection that goes hand by hand with a modern sense of style.


I have provided you with some of the names that bubble to the top of my mind in the world of Hungarian fashion designers. Seek them out, see what you may have been missing, and let us all move Hungary in a fashion-forward mode of dress and outlook.

After all, we are the Paris of the East. Should we not appreciate and show off the fashion we need to uphold that name?

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