New Zealand is great destination for families that want to have a little adventure on their holiday. Hiring a camper van can be very comfortable and fun for all the family, what’s great about hiring a camper van is that it means you spend lots of quality time together exploring New Zealand. To make sure you get off to the right start you should find the perfect camper van! Here are some great tips to help you find the right camper van for you and your family.

1) The seating plan

When travelling with your family you must make sure that everyone is comfortable. If you are travelling with small children then it is always advisable to get passenger seats that are located behind the driver’s cabin. The reason for this is that you then won’t have to go to the back of the camper van to deal with any problems or issues.

2) Child seats

It is the law in New Zealand that children under 8 years old have to travel with a child restraint. MAke sure that you ask the company before booking about anchor points in the camper van for a bay or booster seat. Obviously if you’re travelling on a long haul flight you won’t be bringing the seats with you, that’s not a problem because nearly a lll hire companies offer child seats – some even include it in the rental price! 

3) The beds

It is important to make sure that the bed are comfortable, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your camper van so you want it to everyone to be able to get a good nights sleep. If your children are going to be sleeping on an overhead bed then check if there will be a safety net which will prevent anyone falling out in the night.

4) Entertainment

Keeping the kids entertained on the road is important to avoid any tantrums along the way. Entertainment can be simply singing along to their favourite sons, a game of ‘I spy’, or just watching the fabulous scenery outside. You can also bring along any board games or favourite books that will keep the kids entertained, it’s important to make sure that there’s something for everyone. If you can, try to book a camper van that televisions or portable DVD players onboard. If the smaller kids can sit there and watch their favourite cartoons or movies it will make the whole experience a lot more relaxing!

5) Even more convenience

You may want to find a self-contained camper van that will have a toilet and shower inside, if you can get one of these then you won’t have to worry about continuously stopping all the time for unscheduled pit stops. If you let the company know about this requirement they will help you find one that fits your needs.

Camper Vans New Zealand Hire – Wilderness are fast becoming one of the most popular choices for families when choosing their camper van, check out their site before making a booking.


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