Hungarian cuisine is rather diverse, but if you were to anyone the world round what they knew of it, you would likely elicit a single response. That response would be, of course, "Goulash!"

Goulash is probably the first dish sought by every visitor Hungary, and rightly so, as it is delicious. But visitors and new residents don’t know goulash like the locals do. They don’t know who makes it right when mom is too busy to make. But if it is goulash made the way the locals like it that you want, then head to Frici Papa. A recent visit to this fine little gem was not only enjoyable but quite easy on the pocketbook.

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The service was fast and attentive, and we had scarcely seated ourselves before menus were in our hands and a smiling face awaited our order. Despite being a local favourite, the menus sport English translation. In our party of five, all but one ordered goulash, which was rich and spicy without being hot. The taste of the beef shined in the rich flavors of the sauce, rather than being obscured.

We ordered our selections with fries, roasted potatoes, and white rice, but the, lightly buttered, herbed potatoes truly best highlight the work of Frici Papa’s chef. Order what you wish, though, as the goulash is the star here and I could well have eaten it with just the bread on the table, which was also quite good. As for portions, we could have ordered two to share. They are huge.

The prices are easy on the pocketbook across the menu. It gets no better than this. If you are new in town, get yourself over to Frici Papa immediately. If you have been here for a spell but have been missing out, well… now you know.

Frici Papa kifőzdéje – Budapest, VII. ker. Király u. 55, Open hours: Monday – Saturday 11-23, +36 1 351 0197,

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