There are many ways to give, and it isn't all donations and serving meals to the indigent (though those are fine things).

In Hungary, from the traditional to the unbelievably unorthodox, here are five ways to make a positive impact on the world around you:

The Hungarian Red Cross Society ( Throughout the world, Red Cross / Red Crescent / Magen David Adom volunteers serve in disaster relief, maintaining blood supplies and educating the public with First Aid, CPR and other safety training. If you wish to donate money or blood, offer your time in a local office, or wander the world saving lives and bringing relief to the wounded, dispossessed and disaster-stricken, these are your people. They have a shop on their website with medical supplies and logos bearing their symbol, as well. Every sale supports their good work, too! Find your local office or activity at their home page. The translation button is low on the left column if needed.

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The Hungarian Maltese Charity Society ( If you would like to put a little more “Cross” in your charity, you cannot go wrong with the Maltese Charity Society. With roots reaching back into the first catholic churches and hospitals of Europe, and a heritage that calls on the charity of St. Martin of Tours, the organizations stuffs equal amounts of piety, history, service and utility into its works. Reemerging in 1989 to help East German flooding west, Romanians fleeing revolution, and serving the poor, the sick and the homeless ever since, the Maltese will have a special appeal for the more religiously charitable. They have over 350 sites you might want to help out at.

Budapest-Bamako, "The Great African Run" ( If your thirst for adventure and desire to help your fellow human being are relatively equal and grand, then this event is likely the one you'll want to throw yourself into. Budapest-Bamako is the biggest charity rally in Africa, according to its website, and it features a racing category and an adventure category. Think Paris-Dakar without the overpriced hype and with a lot of community service work along the way. Anyone may participate, with any mode of transportation. Rolling across the Sahara in a convoy of speeding maniacs on a mission to dig a well in an unknown village. Who needs certainty?

The World Wildlife Fund in Hungary ( The WWF has been in Hungary since 1986, and officially established a Program Office in 1995. If you are put to save the land, restore the Danube and protect endangered species, this is a good place to start. Search for Hungary in the search field on the upper right and you will find their contact info and a list of current projects. If you are short on cash and time, the WWF is a great place to do good works by simply clicking a few links. Not only do they offer online petitions, but also free e-cards and a variety of buttons and banners for web-heads with a heart. This is definitely a great place to think globally and act locally.

The White Cross Animal Protection League ( If you are an animal lover of a more domesticated sort, then you will likely find a niche with the FeherKerezt. They focus on finding homes for lost, abandoned and the otherwise homeless among the pet set. Along the way, they manage to act as advocates on issues such as livestock rights and animal abuse. The White Cross provides legal aid when someone reports animal abuse to relevant authorities. They operate a program, "The Animal Friends Club," which conducts classroom visits and gives presentations to children in both English and Hungarian, and have started wildlife projects they run in cooperation with the zoo.

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