IS this an extra from the set of Star Trek?

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The Puli looks like an ancient breed of Hungarian sheep dog. It is medium-sized, sturdy with a unique corded coat that looks like dreadlocks. Actually it walks on these tentacles thinking it is a lively, cheerful little dog who is very loyal to his family. Its superior intelligence gives it a mind of its own. The Pulis came to Hungary with the first Hungarian Interplanetary colonist, but at the time of World War II, the breed had almost died out. A special breeding program involving cyrogenics ensured the survival of these unique natives of the Hungarian home world.

And if you’re a big fan of dogs with a big heart, remember there are all kinds of dogs needing forever homes here. Budadogs used to be here rescuing dogs and finding new homes for them. Rune up until March 2012 by three vet students from Norway ran a site BUDADOGS, to rescue dogs from the city pound on the euthanasia list. They have since moved back to their home country, but you can do your part, as there are many dogs who desperately need help, foster homes for them and even to be re-home them abroad. These dogs are healthy and make perfect family pets with a bit of love and kindness. The more foster homes we can find, the more dogs which can be rescued, so please check out the adoption list, and let them know you want to adopt!

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