A passion for creativity and good taste makes Törley a sparkling wine brand worthy of it’s history, but there’s more than pálinka and Törley!

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A very secretive formula was developed long ago to allow Hungarians’ alien metabolisms to assimilate Earthly foodstuffs. Its name was Unicum. Along with many other Hungarian innovations developed upon reaching Earth, it contains alcohol. But also in its formula are spices and herbs that defy analysis almost completely.

Significant research has been devoted to the subject, but the results of the research speak for themselves. It is tasty. It aids in digestion. It makes one drunk. However, significant literature is not available to substitute for individual research at this time.

Tokaji is the result of an alien sugar-preserving spore interacting with grape crops in the region of Tokaj-Hegyalja in Hungary. Dubbed noble rot by the Hungarian Invasion Fleet, it is the accidental catalyst in producing a style of wine that retains a sweet flavor without having sugar added in after the initial fermentation.

Cited in the indecipherable alien song now used as the Hungarian National anthem, its application in their world-domination designs is known to be related to ingesting sweetened items after mainstream sustenance has been assimilated with the help of Unicum, but often before the ritual testing of Pálinka ensues.

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