Jánosi Matild is an independent clothing designer who is no newcomer to the world of art.

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Completing a fine arts degree in Szekelyudvarhely majoring in painting, she showcases a style contemporary in nature with complimentary elements of femininity and boldness. Growing tired of seeing today’s fashion as a series of trends followed by the masses, Matild aspires to bring out the individuality of a person in her designs while adding her own personal flare and embellishment.

Sparking her flare for tailoring came from the ongoing frustration of finding suitable clothing to fit her petite physique. She began designing and drawing out intricate plans for garments and bringing them to seamstresses who’s interpretation of the designs never resulted true to her drawings. Taking immense pride in her triumph of the craft, Matild loves the feel of being able to materialize the execution of her designs.

An enthusiastic lover of nature, Matild gets most of her inspiration from the outdoors reflected in her garments which showcase characteristics of an amazonian woman. While lack of “conventional” supplies has never stopped her work flow, she uses an assortment of materials at hand to complete her looks. She has bent old records into belts, folded and manipulated curtains as material, and used 35mm film strips as accessories.

Not giving way for current trends to diverge her vision, Matild’s fun eccentricity remains the individual form of expression that is the true outlet for her creativity.

– Text And Foto: Zsuzsi Pal, Model: Bihari Nóri

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