Six shots of pálinka, same thing.

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If the final Pálinka recipe had been perfected, then the world would have fallen long ago to the alien Hungarian armies. Despite informal research by nearly every living Hungarian in existence for the last 1,000 years, no recipe has yet proven utterly unbeatable. Each wave of successive attempts yields an ever-finer product.

Unfortunately, the effect has been to actually create a greater burden to Hungarians than anyone else, as the mass quantities of this potent delicacy rarely escape the local scientists’ gullets long enough to be spread throughout the world as the enslaving potion of power it has sadly not yet become.

Worse still, the humans have come to compare it to other efforts, their own, and have categorized Pálinka as "brandy." The poor fools… Zwack’s Excellency Pálinka (Pálinka Nagykövet) for example is as beautiful inside as the bottle is outside, the perfect gift for anyone with tastebuds. There’s even a band called Pálinka, their new album "Catastrophe" exhibits an innovative group playing ‘gypsy jazz’, sometimes typically gypsy, sometimes more Oriental, releasing energy often bordering on rock.

Enjoy the virtuosity of arrangements, compositions and improvisations, as they are carving out a place in the mainstream with their surprising freshness!

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