Better than a cafe or bar!

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Let’s face it, running a business is expensive, and one of the greatest expenses if the rent on office space. And what good is it really, unless you’re using it 24 hours a day? Well, now there’s an alternative; Loffice, a flexible office space for entrepreneurs, free­lancers, and assorted corporate types who want to work without worrying about the overhead.

Built in a stylish loft in the heart of Budapest, this green workspace is cycle friendly and alternative energy powered, and with pocket friendly prices starting at around 700 forints per hour, you and co-workers can network with other professionals, hold business meet­ings and client presentations, there’s even enough space to hold an exhibition! Prices include WiFi, coffee and printing services, mak­ing it a great alternative to work­ing out of your home office or presenting in some smoky cafe or bar.

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