Mangalica as a species was not initially a pig at all, or perhaps even an animal, but rather a small, rapidly growing amino acid pouch which was easily resupplied by simply hanging it in the musty air of a swamp.

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However, when the pouches proved to grow too slowly and produced less than satisfactory nutrition and taste, the High Hungarian Council ordered scientists to improve them. Specific needs were portability, self-maintenance, stealth,and healthful, high-concentration nutrients. The scientists turned to the most delicious creature on Earth, known to them as the bacon beast.

After selecting the best traits of both, the Mangalica was spliced into being. Sporting the best taste and most prodigious amounts of fat, however, was not enough. Mangalica actually produce omega-3 and -6 acids in astoundingly high concentrations. They are generally raised outside of pens as grazing animals and , it is said, occasionally serve as assassins for the secretive Hungarian society known only as the Baconae Marsunicum.

Thus, their infiltration of neighbouring, non-Hungarian territories is both a boon and an ominous signal of things to come…

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