Meet Balint Zsigri, aka DJ Slow, purveyor of laid back hip-hop beats, DJ and man about town.

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Over the last several years he’s been producing rich textures of smooth jazz, soul and funk laced samples, worked into downtempo hip-hop grooves think Dilla and the Stones Throw stable.

As an independent artist he rents a studio space at Keleti Blokk, a place acknowledged as ‘really important’ for music in Budapest, and where he spends some 30-40 hours a week working on his own material and collaborating and recording with other artists.

When it comes to making records his story is typical of so many artists in Budapest. As an independent artist in the true sense of the word he’s currently putting the finishing touches to a 30-track album which he’ll release off his own bat, with a little help on printing costs from friends at the S*10 label. Or give a listen here.

Slow is active on the city’s music scene, involved with the venue Anker, working as engineer and booker, and hoping to make it one of the more influential, reliable and progressive spots for music in town. One of his aims, he says, is to bring in more live hiphop, something he does with the group Bug Beats.

For him, Budapest has a ‘flowering’ underground music scene, that goes from strength to strength. Though he acknowledges CD sales are ‘dead’ and that ‘times are difficult’, he effuses the kind of hardy enthusiasm and wry positivity typical of so many independent artists here.

– Talaber Geza

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