Maybe you don’t mind the murk and dankness of a northern winter. Perhaps you even long to hear some Flemish, or want to go to Brussels to see what all the fuss is about with the beer. Fret not.

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Mosselen gives you a fairly authentic option right here in Budapest. The decor is Belgian, the food is Belgian, and the beer is Belgian. They do everything the Belgian way, here, except the little parts of their menu that are French (which thankfully does not include any beer). You will not be served a Chimay in anything but a Chimay glass on a Chimay coaster (that goes for every beer they serve).

The decor and the atmosphere are pretty darn close to a Belgian beer cafe. You will feel cozy as you enter the place, and can find ample and comfortable seating, in its wood-heavy confines. The place is named after a Belgian culinary staple, the mussel, so have yourself a plate of them and relax.

A pro tip for our readers: Go when it is raining and cold for the most authentic, “Thank God I am inside” Belgian experience of all. You may not hear much Flemish in the place, but you’ll taste it in everything from the atmosphere to the menu. You cannot go wrong with their lamb offerings, unless you are on a tight budget… but then again, you just saved a ton of forints by taking the metro instead of an airplane, right?

— Mosselen, XIII. Budapest, Pannónia U. 14, Tel: +36 1 452 0535,

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