For the lovers of Indian and Bohemian styles, this shop is a great option.

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Located in Dohany utca, the shop looks a bit small from the outside, but once you are inside the big piles of clothes in bright colors will capture all your attention. Since the place is a bit messy it is your job to find, among all the pieces, the one that fits you the best. If you are one of those impatient people who wants to find things with ease, then this is not your spot.

The shirts are made of amazing textiles. If you are a lover of arabesques you will have fun at this shop. Discounts can be made if you learn how to haggle with the seller. Feel free to touch and try as many things as you like, which is the only way you can find the best quality clothes here. My only advice would be to buy something wearable. People tend to select clothes that are very odd and wear them only once.

Sudevi Boutique, 1073 Budapest, Dohany u. 20, Tel: 06 70 36 99773

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