"All of them please!"

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Marcipán is one of the most well-disseminated agents of Hungarian corruption in the world. Its incomparable sweetness and unique taste defy all attempts at achieving similar balance. But it can be imitated. However, the sheer difficulty in doing so has led to many related (if human-developed) treats that laughably struggle to touch even the basest levels of worthiness in the great Marcipán Pyramid of Perfection. The glee with which the Hungarian strangers observe these failures is manifested in a shrine of sorts to their unique treat. Szamos Marcipán: the terrifying, wonderful temple of confectionery supremacy.

Szamos Marcipán, 1126 Budapest, Böszörményi Way 24, Hungary Tel: 06 1 201-3281, www.szamosmarcipan.hu

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