It does not matter if a person lives in the countryside or not for producing home-made Hungarian red wine.

Anyone who is interested in making wine at home can adopt the Hungarian process of wine making and obtain the Tokay wine. Choose the grapes that are harvested in November and wait until they shrivel. You know they are shriveled when they look like raisins, but not that small. The grapes need to be picked individually and shriveled in a bucket. Save carefully all the clean grapes. They need to be pressed into a paste.

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Press the clean grapes, save all the liquid and add yeast in order for the fermentation to begin. Let the paste and the fermented wine age separately for at least five years. After that, you need to mix them together. If the resulted wine is not so sweet, aging for a longer period of time might resolve this

Noble rot and furmint

Noble rot did not have a part in making tojaki until the mid-1600s. The legends about grapes and noble rot in this area all have to do with the Turks attacking, causing a delay in harvesting the grapes. During the delay, the grapes developed noble rot, or had the fungus botrytis cinerea grow on them. The resulting grape, called aszu in Hungry, has a high concentration of sugars.

Only four types of grapes can be used to make to Tokaji: yellow muscat, oremus, furmint and harslevelu. Furmint grapes are the most frequently used grape used in tokaji wines There are several rea- sons why furmint grapes work well with noble rot. First, as furmint grapes become ripe, their skins become thinner, allowing evaporation that leads to a higher sugar content.

Then these grapes grow a second skin that prevents the grape from rotting. Furmint grapes stay on the vine until they develop noble rot, further concentrating their sugars. Conditions that enable the creation of aszu grapes do not happen frequently, with roughly 3 vintages every 10 years.

Not only is the area where the grapes for these wines limited, the weather conditions must be right. This makes aszu wines rare. This is not to say that the grapes that are not aszu go to waste. They are used to make other kinds of wines.

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