Every 1st sunday of the month there is an antique fair on the main street of Miskolc.

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Now, is there a better way to spend your precious Sunday morning than wandering around on an impromptu market place, digging among somewhat odd and rather funny knickknacks (and some real treasure), while soothing flute music plays in the background and the mouthwatering scent of mulled wine fills the air?

I have a thing for old goods, because I like history, though not the kind that is found in textbooks and taught in schools. I like the kind that is hidden between the lines, buried in the souls and minds of people, I like the stories behind people’s faces and articles of personal use, behind things that were picked up, held, and used on a daily basis for several years. Antique fairs have a very special atmosphere, of a kind that you won’t find anywhere else, when it comes to this.

Miskolc’s fair is quite popular and has been held for ages. The costumers and sellers come from far-away places, even from abroad. Some of the goods may be rather pricy, because the dealers may not have much of an idea of what they are selling and overprice their goods.

Still, if you cannot afford the real treasure, it’s worth visiting the fair (mainly because of the unique atmosphere). It is a kind of time-travel. Plus, there’s incredibly delicious mulled-wine, hot rum tea, coffee, Hungarian twister (kürtőskalács), lángos, lepcsánka, hurka-kolbász, and many other very Hungarian foods.

Have I mentioned that tons of second hand books are offered, too? They’re really cheap, and you can get the finest of Hungarian literature (Kosztolányi, Mikszáth, Jókai, etc.) for about 100 ft a piece. What’s a good buy, if not that?

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