Urban and creative, WAMP is an independent community of Hungarian fashion designers. This year’s WAMP design fair takes place 23 June at Erzsébet tér from 11. a.m. to 10.00 p.m

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Unifying their forces and styles, they established their own concept. The community doesn’t really have a main shop; they organize events monthly around Erzsébet tér and Gödör club. I had the opportunity to visit the last oneand it was an amazing explosion of creativity. Better than the clothes and the accessories are the master creations of this exhibition. From feathered headbands to coconut shell bracelets, you can easily feel the mix of different tendencies.

The bags are also trendy and very urban, as well as simple and ready to wear. But the pieces that captured my eyes were the bow ties. Available in different colors and sizes, they are definitely a good accessory for the fall season. The next exhibition of pieces is on November 18th, so go and take a look. The prices are fairly cheap, but please don’t buy accessories with toys such as legos or plastic figures, as they are "out." You want to look unique, not like a clown.


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